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Which is the Best Online Course for GST


Which is the Best Online Course for GST?

Introductory Words

In today's day and age, it is crucial for people to be aware of the various tax structures in order to know how the goods we purchase are being taxed and how they will add to the greater benefit of the economy. Goods and Services Tax is one of the masterstroke moves implemented by the Union Government of India. GST is a form of indirect tax and it has proved to be a great reform in the field of taxation. GST is a form of consumption tax or indirect tax that is used in India on the supply of goods and services. GST is a comprehensive tax that has subsumed all the indirect taxes that were prevalent earlier. It is also a multi-stage tax as it is charged at every stage of the production process but is meant to be refunded at every stage of production other than the final consumer. As it is a destination-based tax, it is collected from the point of consumption rather than the point of origin. If you have been interested to do a GST course online, you should definitely check out the popular institution George Telegraph of Accounts (GTIA). This blog details the best online course for GST which is offered by GTIA.


Advantages of GST

In the field of indirect tax reforms in India, the introduction and implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) have proved to be a momentous development. GST has unified the Indian market by providing a shared platform for taxation to be applicable. Owing to GST, numerous Central and State taxes have been brought together and it has mitigated the impact of the cascading effect or double taxation which used to happen when the tax was imposed at every stage of production. If you are concerned about your advantage as a buyer, the biggest advantage has been in terms of a decline in the overall tax burden on goods. The inculcation of GST has led to the products and services for sale to become competitive in the domestic as well as international markets. It has been proved by research that this would advance economic growth. GST is available for easy access in the online mode and owing to its transparent nature, it is easy to govern.

GST Certification Course

Learners and professionals who want to comprehensively understand the tax regime and the process of how GST works would immensely benefit from a certificate course in GST. It is a good option to have an exhaustive knowledge of GST in order to file GST suitably and not get overwhelmed by the procedure. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is one of the reputed institutions in Kolkata offering a Certificate Course on GST which can be pursued by students having minimum eligibility of class 12 pass or higher. The course duration is of 2 months and not just freshers but professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Management Accountants, Cost, and Management Accountants, and students of law and business can do this course. The different modules on which candidates are taught are Scope of Supply, IGST (Place of Supply), Time and Value of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Registration, Tax Invoice, Accounts & Records, Returns, Payment of Tax, Refund, and TDS & TCS. Apart from these lessons are imparted on Job Work, E-commerce, Transitional Provisions, Liabilities, Assessment & Audit, Advance Ruling, Appeals & Revision, Recovery, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Offence & Penalties.

Advantages of GST Citification Course

On completing this course successfully, job aspirants will have diverse job opportunities. Other than that there will be numerous advantages of gaining knowledge in this course. The advantages include increased chances of salary hike, chance to open one's own tax consultancy firm, various job opportunities, acquiring insightful data regarding the expense structure, and building superior problem solving and accounting capabilities. A certificate course on GST is beneficial for you in myriad ways and GTIA offers the course in both offline and online modes. Another of the popular courses offered by this institute is Tally course online. If you are looking for the best online GST course then you should definitely check out the website of GTIA.