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What's new in Tally Prime, and how does it differs from Tally ERP 9


What's new in Tally Prime, and how does it differs from Tally ERP 9

The inventory management system, multi-location business system, statutory, payroll, and Tally for GST are just a few of the significant upgrades and enhancements made to the Tally software with each new edition issued by Tally Solutions.

Tally Solutions introduced Tally Prime, one of the key features, with the profound intention to satisfy clients and deliver a cutting-edge solution that would undoubtedly alter business operations by bringing increased efficiency and flexibility.

ERP 9. Now that Tally Prime is available, both small and large companies, business owners, Chartered accountants, Accountants, and other Tally Users can easily manage their workloads and simplify their daily lives.

What is Tally Prime?

A better and more intelligent version of Tally ERP 9 is the brand-new Tally Prime. While maintaining the Tally.ERP 9 software's simplicity, it offers many more expanded capabilities that will help you optimize various activities, resulting in smoother workflow and higher production.

It provides comprehensive business solutions to small, medium, and large businesses to address their ever-increasing needs as company management and accounting software. It is the ideal ERP program and is GST-ready. It also can multitask and makes the life of business owners easier.

Tally Prime handles all of your company's needs, from accounting and inventory management to HR & payroll management, regulatory compliance, banking integration, asset management, and more. Additionally, it gives you access to crucial reports on financial & accounting, cash flow, cost centers, inventory, and more, which helps you make choices more quickly.

Tally Prime’s Features and Benefits :

The features offered by Tally Prime are numerous. Let's examine the best Tally Prime features and their numerous advantages in this article.

Enhanced Interface

Tally Prime is simple to use and administer thanks to its intuitive design. It can be set up quickly so you may start using it right away.

Switch to and from a feature

The Go to function is an effective search tool that provides you with information about current items and illustrates how each one might be of use to you. On the other side, the switch to feature lets you multitask. So that you can easily switch between reports while keeping track of your prior actions.

Online business data access

With the most recent Tally Prime software, you can quickly access your business data from anywhere and read business reports online from a web browser.

Protected Data

Your data is always safe and secure with Tally Prime. It offers features like feature-based security and multiple user access management, which makes sure you may restrict access to the data within an organization by your needs. At the server level, it also provides backup and restores options with authorization.

The electronic invoice with QR code

With this most recent innovation, which is a part of Tally Prime Release 1.1, you may now produce e-invoices in bulk at regular intervals or in real-time. You can print a QR code and an IRN on the invoice. Additionally, it gives you the choice of managing e-invoices offline.


Aware Business Reports

Tally Prime not only gives you access to more than 400 business reports with insightful data but also lets you click a button to examine and change any number of report parameters.

The benefits of Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 was the primary choice of accountants and business owners for several reasons.

• One-stop ERP solution

• incredibly basic and user-friendly UI

• GST prepared and ready to file GSTR 1 through GSTR 3

• Simple bank balancing

• With customized filter and sorting features, the stock control ledger for controlling and tracking stock ensures simple auditing.

Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 Differ Significantly:

Regarding navigation, display, and shortcut keys, Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime have a lot of subtle variations. The deployment, though, is where there is a significant difference. Tally ERP 9 is a server-based accounting program that can only be used on devices connected to the same network and inside the same building.

Tally Prime, which supports cloud-based deployment, is more adaptable and scalable than Tally ERP 9. The primary difference between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime is that Tally Prime may be accessed from a distance.


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