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Blog- Best Online Finance and Accounting Courses

What are the Best Online Finance and Accounting Courses?


Online accounting and finance courses can be pursued by not just students but also professionals in the industry. It is the most convenient way for you to pursue an online course in the chosen field of your preference. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprise managers can take online accounting classes to help them gain a better understanding of the finances in their companies. Aspirants who are preparing themselves for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam will be at an advanced position from an online prep course. Accounting professionals with experience of work in this field can profit immensely from online accounting courses in order to meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements. No matter the level of your knowledge, online finance or accounting course can pursue any of these courses to advance their career. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is the most reputed institution in Kolkata offering multiple courses in this industry. The online accounting certificate courses offered by this reputable account institute make sure to prepare you with the latest knowledge available in this sphere.

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Advanced Diploma in Professional Business Accountant

Develop your accounting and finance skills by opting for this definitive course of GTIA. This course is designed in such a way that it will cover not just the basic elements of accounting but also the advanced modules involved. Financial Accounting, Business Computer Application, Tally Erp9, Direct Tax, and Goods and Service Tax are some of the important topics on which candidates have the knowledge imparted. Apart from these, the course curriculum also comprises lessons on Banking and Insurance, Auditing, E-filing of statutory returns, and Hands-on Training in advanced software. After successfully completing this accounting course, the students will be able to make decisions, evaluate the health of a business company, analyse financial reports, and communicate financial results. As GTIA ensures imparting the best learning to its students, it has the facility of offering the students an internship program of 6 months after the course duration of 12 months or 1 year. The greatest advantage of this course is the short duration and practice-oriented nature which ensures that students can launch their career right after completion of the course.

Diploma in Executive Business Accountant

This course is crafted in such a manner that it will furnish the students with the most needed knowledge into the World of Accounts where the faculty of experienced teachers teach the building blocks of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Statements, and Ratio Analysis. There are several benefits of doing this course such as you will learn how to discover how balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are developed and how each of them interacts with the other, appraise the financial health of a business using financial statements, get opportunities of working in national and international organisations or even opt for to start your own business. The other advantages of doing this course are that you will be able to understand GAAP and IFRS standards while preparing and evaluating financial forecasts to reach strategic decisions, value a venture, project, or investment opportunity and perform a comprehensive analysis. The greatest advantage of this course is that students with minimum eligibility of class 12 pass can opt to do this course. This course has an even shorter duration of 9 months along with an internship course of 3 months which makes the duration 1 year in total.


These career-ready courses from GTIA would build a solid foundation in understanding business by learning the Basics of Accounts, learning to read the financial statements to assess the health of any small or large-sized business, understanding how the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement work and tie in together, and learn about common Entrepreneurial mistakes which drain out entrepreneurs resources. Apart from these, the students will learn to learn practical strategies which can be used to achieve the objectives faster, learn Accounting Jargon and business instances from reality making you a better investor, gain an entire paradigm shift in how you view business as you will understand the world of business better. Additionally, you will learn the Basics of Bookkeeping and how to use free Accounting Software to manage Accounts as well as about ratio analysis and financial ratios to help you get quick & insightful information about companies. If you are eager to pursue the best accounting course online, the best choice for you would be to pursue any of the two popular courses offered by GTIA. GTIA's expert faculty makes sure that you are fully equipped with the industry-relevant knowledge to successfully get into the profession of your choice.