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Blog- How Much Time Will It Take to Clear Chartered Accountant After the 12th Examination?

How Much Time Will It Take to Clear Chartered Accountant After the 12th Examination?


Let's talk about A Chartered Accountant (CA) Before learning the specifics of the CA course after the 12th grade, let's brush up on our knowledge by quickly defining a CA. An individual with a career as a financial controller in commercial organizations and other industries is known as a Chartered Accountant course, or CA. The top positions that a CA has held include:

Accountant, Tax, Management, Financial, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Auditor, and others The three levels of CA, coupled with the three years of practical training, take about 4.5 years to complete following class 12th. After graduating or completing class 12 one can become a CA and total accounting course duration. The candidates must pass three tiers of ICAI examinations; we'll talk more about these in the section after this one.


Importance of CA Course After 12th

If we didn't address the reasons you ought to pursue this honorable course, the blog post on CA course information after 12th would be lacking. CA has long been a very well-liked career path for both young people and older workers. The position has a great reputation and provides excellent financial stability. A financial analyst is necessary to monitor expenses and revenues in almost every sector and firm. This demonstrates that there is a high demand for jobs and that high-quality CAs are always needed in all areas of the economy.

Eligibility for the CA course after the 12th grade

Before moving on to the intricacies of the CA course after 12th grade, let's first review the prerequisites for becoming a CA. These are the requirements for the same, mentioned below:

How Much Time Will It Take to Clear Chartered Accountant After the 12th Examination?

How long will it take to finish the accounting course duration and training is one of the most often asked concerns concerning CA course specifics after 12th grade. Well, to finish your CA course, you'll need to wait at least 4.5 to 5 years following class 12th. The CPT/CA foundation course is where the candidate must start. After nine months, the candidate becomes eligible for IPCC. The IPCC Group I eligibility for an internship follows. Additionally, after completing their 12th grade year, students have the option of entering the CA program directly or applying for admission to the intermediate program. The student's choice is the only factor that matters.


Syllabus preparation for accounting course after 12th

Candidates for the class of 2012 must first be ready for their senior secondary exam. Accounts, Law, Finance, and Economics are subjects that are required of commerce students. They must get ready for things in advance so that passing the CA tests is simple. The three levels of the CA exams have varied preparation requirements, hence each level has a different syllabus. The following lists the syllabus and subjects for the CA course after 12th grade:

Fundamentals of Accounting Course, General Economics, Quantitative Aptitude, Laws, and other significant topics from the CA Foundation syllabus are covered on the CPT exam, often known as the CA Foundation exam.

The IPCC exam has a fairly extensive syllabus that covers themes in business ethics, taxation, advanced accounting, insurance, information technology, and strategic management.


If you're considering a career in accounting and chartered accounting, you're on the correct track because there are numerous work prospects today and successful growth after taking an accounting and chartered accounting and taxation course after high school. Therefore, you can easily pursue a profession in this area. Additionally, keep up with the leading blogs of the George Telegraph Institute of Accounts for additional information.