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Career Options After Taking Business Accounting & Taxation

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The consistent evolution in accounting has led to accounting becoming an integral component of businesses. As a result, more companies seek individuals with business accounting and taxation expertise. These professionals are in demand by organizations and individuals.

One can come across these professionals in every sector because of their broad field. These individuals can perform in the public or private sectors. If you are planning to enroll in a business accounting and taxation course near me and wondering about potential job opportunities, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we will cover a comprehensive guide of chartered accountant course

Career Options After Completing BAT

The prosperous professional business accounting and taxation, or BAT, is a program that opens the door to innumerable opportunities in various domains. A licensed BAT professional can work in numerous fields like auditing, management accounting, real estate financing, revenue agent, budget analysis, personal finance consultant, corporate taxation, etc

You will enter the corporate world once you finish your course at a reputable chartered accountant institute in Kolkata. Some of the lucrative career opportunities that you can take after completing your program include:

Auditing Assistant

After completing your BAT course, you can work as an auditing assistant and perform straightforward auditing tasks. These professionals perform at entry level and are ideally inexperienced candidates and graduates. The job of an auditing assistant is to check a company's financial reports.

They also support the personnel and auditors in the audit documentation process. They are responsible for assessing internal controls. They offer suggestions regarding the company's audits and policies. You can pursue a BAT course at GTIA (George Telegraph Institute of Accounts), which offers knowledgeable and proficient faculty to provide high-quality education to students.

Tax Assistant

As a tax assistant, you will collaborate with the organization's accounting department. Your role will include checking tax-related reports, filings, expenses, etc. The professional must ensure meeting tax deadlines and filing taxes correctly.

Enrolling in a business accounting and taxation course near me will help you gain relevant skills to become a successful tax assistant, such as Microsoft Word, mathematical skills, Microsoft Excel, etc. A tax assistant will assist in completing straightforward administrative tasks besides delivering tax reports.

Accounting Managers or Assistant

As per the name, an accounting assistant works as a company's assistant. The job requires them to ensure that the accounting section operates seamlessly without dealing with any issues. The responsibility includes determining budgets and keeping records of accounting expenses while handling crucial documents, including financial statements, invoices, and others.

Moreover, among several job options, accounting manager is the most cherished choice for millennials. This position begins with an accounting assistant job and moves up to the managerial position after gaining substantial experience. Besides doing the assistant's work, the manager also ensures the company treasury contains sufficient funds to pay taxes and debts.

Tax Accountant

If you possess wisdom regarding accountancy and taxation criteria, you can make an exceptional career as a tax accountant. The sphere of activity incorporates crafting beneficial investment opportunities, business plans, and numerous profitable strategies. In addition, tax accountants will file ITRs (income tax returns), taxes, documents related to tax, or punctual tax payments.

Tax accountants may also advise board members regarding flourishing finance and decisions related to tax. If you are looking for a reputable chartered accountant institute in Kolkata, you can pursue BAT at George Telegraph Institute of Accounts, which will help you get instant placement.

Budget Analyst

The role of a budget analyst is to get a company’s annual budgets ready as well as monitor them simultaneously. They identify the budgets of an organization for the following year according to the cost analysis techniques.

Finance Accounting Executive

Finance accounting executive is a valuable job opportunity accompanying pursuing a business accounting and taxation course. The professional in this position will manage the finances of an organization. The responsibility further expands into forecasting, drafting budgets, and managing taxation regiments.

Moreover, a finance accounting executive is also responsible for leading internal audits, planning annual and quarterly reports, and notifying setbacks in accountancy malfunctions.

Income Tax Officer

With an incredible business accounting and taxation course near me, you can also find job opportunities to work as an income tax officer. The role of an income tax officer is to be current with the laws governing the income tax and ensure that every citizen diligently follows these laws.

Finance Manager

As a finance manager, it is your job to monitor the implementation and allocation of the budget. These professionals keep squandering in check and see that accountants prepare transparent and complete financial statements.

Tax Manager

A tax manager is prominent for every organization. They create the company’s financial statements and reports in collaboration with the finance department and identify the tax the company must pay for a specific year. They also ensure compliance with the country or state’s tax laws and prepare transparent records.

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Your preferred course, duration, completion success, and overall nature will determine the job profile. Job opportunities also rely upon whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher. If you intend to pursue business accounting and taxation, you can pick a course at the George Telegraph Institute of Accounts. It offers courses at advanced and beginner levels.